Hi NextDns Community,

What are the best most optimal  blocklist to use without breaking sites? Also is there a setting or blocklist which can be used to block the comments section to news articles for sites such as  Dailymail kinda like Disqus? 

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  • The best blacklist is OISD, it's nearly perfect as it blocks most of the ads without braking anything. That would be your best bet.

  • I'd say this is choice based, more stricter blocking means more harmful stuff gets blocked for sure, but you'll have to manually whitelist more. Then there is more loose blocking which allows you to keep surfing, but with the risk that harmful stuff gets through.

    I myself have quite strict blocklists but I'd say that I am mostly unaffected (whenever I'm affected it's usually a browser extension/addon)

    I'll tell you that I've only unblocked/allowed a handful (<10) of domains after a long time of intensive NextDNS usage (I've used it since Mozilla announced the TRR program and NextDNS entering it)

    A few lists that I use include (but not limited to)

    Energized Basic (quite strict, but I don't complain because it blocked a large load of useless crap)

    AdGuard (All basic lists + some language specific ones)

    EasyList & EasyPrivacy (+some language specific ones)




    NSABlocklist (It does not harm enabling it. although I doubt I ever visited something that matched the domains or IPs from the list, but oh well, can't be too careful now can we?)

    No Facebook (WhatsApp is still useable, it mainly blocks WhatsApp extra telemetry and datamining domains which are unneeded to use the application)

    WindowsSpyBlocker (highly recommended when using Windows, use alongside Native Tracking)


    Other blocking:

    Everything in the security tab except new domains

    Includes blocking of hostile ccTLDs such as:

    cn, kp, ru, su, ir, ae, mm and gov

    *Blocking any of these ccTLDs is not recommended if you are from one of these countries. but beware that hostile entities control these ccTLDs and their DNS, DNSSEC does not migitate against this!

    **Blocking gov TLD is not recommended if you're from the United States.

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