NextDNS disconnecting quite a lot for past few hours

I use DoT on Android, CLI on Mac, Apple Profile on iPad and all of them keep showing from today the following:

This device is using NextDNS with no configuration.

Make sure you set the configuration ID shown below in the app settings.

This is after everything has been setup exactly how it was a few days back. Being a paying customer this isn't something I expect to see considering my entire family devices all run on NextDNS.

Further, in between I keep getting the error that the page is unable to load because DNS resolution failed.

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    • Calvin_Hobbes
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Being a paying customer doesn’t automatically make you immune to a configuration error.  Jumping to the conclusion it’s a bug reduces the odds of receiving assistance from the community.

    the situation you describe sure sounds like the configuration ID on the client doesn’t match that of the server.   

      • iamtheanon
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Calvin Hobbes So, the config I have been using for the past year without any issues just suddenly has some issues. I found some other users also complaining about some issues with the NextDNS service in the past few days. Someone even mentioned that this all started post the Web3 implementation.

      FYI, someone else also had this problem : https://help.nextdns.io/t/83hbxwy?r=q6hbmqx

      This is a bug since nothing has changed from my end. Being a paying customer and considering the subscription model of NextDNS I do expect some basic support from their end considering this 'should have', 'most likely', been a bug rather than something on my end since it affected not just 1 device but all devices, running different protocols like DoH, DoT, DNSCrypt running on different networks.

      Further, the issue currently seems to have auto resolved itself, maybe the NextDNS team did some changes in the back end. In all, the issue lasted for about a few hours at max which I something I do like but I just wanted to point out that maybe massive changes to the server end should be maybe rolled out in a different way.

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