I/O Timeout EdgeRouter setup

Hey all,

Every so often things go south and the only way I can get it to come back is to stop both nextdns and dnsmasq, then start them back up. Restarting either and not both does not solve the problem. 

Any suggestions would appreciated. dnsmasq forwards requests for internaldomain.local down ipsec tunnel to AWS. I could prob eliminate dnsmasq all together if I could set source ip in the nextdns config...I've been unable to get nextdns to forward requests down the ipsec tunnel.

Error Received : 

May 22 12:27:36 SRM-Phoenix-R1 nextdns[21229]: Query UDP A InternalDomain.local. (qry=82/res=12) 5001ms UDP: dns resolve: read: read udp> i/o timeout

Config :

debug false
profile 80:e8:2c:3a:ec:22=<manager profile ID>
profile <company profile ID>
log-queries true
control /var/run/nextdns.sock
use-hosts true
auto-activate false
cache-size 10MB
cache-max-age 0s
max-ttl 1m0s
report-client-info true
mdns all
detect-captive-portals false
hardened-privacy false
bogus-priv false
forwarder internaldomain.local.=
forwarder AnotherInternalDomain.local.=
timeout 5s
max-inflight-requests 128
setup-router false



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