More detail about blocklist performance

I would really like to be able to get a detailed breakdown of my blocklist performance. As it is, it's very difficult to determine how much overlap there is between lists. You basically have to comb through the logs line by line to determine which lists are blocking which queries. The information is there, but it's just not easily accessible.

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    • Rey
    • Rey
    • 10 mths ago
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    We want this, please!

    Here's an example scenario and a proposed solution:

    I have 3 blocklists enabled:

    1. oisd
    2. AdGuard DNS Filter
    3. Steven Black

    Over the last 24 hours, I had 1,000 blocked queries with these blockers. 800 queries are blocked by all of them, another 150 queries are blocked by OISD only, then another 50 queries are blocked by AdGuard only.

    Right now, NextDNS analytics would show something like:

    1. oisd - Blocked: 950 queries
    2. AdGuard DNS Filter - Blocked: 850 queries
    3. Steven Black - Blocked: 800 queries

    Something that might be more useful and what I suggest is something like:

    1. oisd - Total Blocked: 950 queries | Individually Blocked: 150
    2. AdGuard DNS Filter - Total Blocked: 850 queries | Individually Blocked: 50
    3. Steven Black - Total Blocked: 800 queries | Individually Blocked: 0

    This way, I know I can remove Steven Black safely on my blocklists knowing that the other 2 already block what it blocks.

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    • Hey
    • Hey
    • 10 mths ago
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    The way to do it is pretty easy tbh, find a website with a ton of ads and new ad domains. See what blocks what and decide on that. From my personal experience, 1HostPro blocks nearly everything. Lightswitch05 and Notracking block some things that aren't blocked by other filters rare but happens some EU cookie popups etc. OISD is the generally good one that blocks most but 1HostPro usually has the latest AdDomains blocked quickly. Adguard DNS is also like OISD with it's balanced approach but it is faster at blocking not exactly as 1HostPro but nearly the same. So yeah that's my personal experience. I use all 5 of the lists I mentioned above since I trust the devs with it not being slowed down and didn't see anything like that myself. But yeah you can enable the ones you want to test and go on sites you know have a ton of ads. Then just watch the logs to see what blocks what. I mean if it blocks the most annoying ads on the most annoying sites it will probably block others. 

      • Hey
      • Hey
      • 10 mths ago
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      Hey To add on to that experience I usually see at least 2-3 servers that aren't blocked by any filter but is blocked by the Newly Registered Domains protection and gets added a few days later that's how I can say some lists are faster at getting those servers than others. 

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