weather.com videos not working and PlutoTV not streaming in Windows

I also had the Something Went Wrong screen when I had PeacockTV in Windows, while the PeacockTV app on my tablet worked fine. I thought the issue was with Peacock. They couldn't solve the problem so I dropped them. Now I have a similar issue with PlutoTV (though the app on my  tablet works). I select a program to stream, then nothing happens. The play button doesn't work and the sound icon is disabled.

Adding to the Allowlist did not help. Parental Controls: Blocks porn and gambling, SafeSearch turned on, Block Bypass Methods turned on. Nothing in Denylist.  I was considering upgrading to Pro, but this issue needs to be resolved first.

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    There is no issue to be resolved. You either want privacy with trackers blocked or not. Many services don't accept that the users block adds and trackers. There are add-ons in browsers or apps like AdGuard that can help in some cases.

    For weather.com you need to add to Allowlist mparticle.weather.com which is a tracker.

    As for the other apps /services you need to check what it's blocked after you open them and something doesn't work and add to Allowlist what they require to work. This requires some common sense and some trial and error as to don't add to Allowlist everything but only what is necessary. With time you get experience and things get easier.

    But keep in mind that usually what is being blocked by lists is with a reason.

     The user has the choice to give up privacy (most do) or look for apps and services which are not evil like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft.

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