Stagecoach bus journey planner website/app not working

Hi, the below is a website that does not function correctly when nextdns is active (address finder does not work, and site will not let me click "plan your journey"). It works correctly immediately after private DNS is disabled on my android phone, and then stops working again as soon as private DNS is enabled.


I've tried allowing *.stagecoachbus.com but there must be something embedded in the site that is blocked?

Any pointers appreciated.


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    • Martheen
    • 9 mths ago
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    Aside from stagecoachbus, that site also makes calls to civiccomputing and googleapis. Civiccomputing isn't blocked by any popular list, but googleapis is blocked by the No Google list, are you using that list?

      • Steve.7
      • 9 mths ago
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      thank you for the thoughts, I was not using the no Google list - the other reply has sussed it. Appreciate you both taking the time to look into it

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