Vultr hosting privacy related issues


I like this service a lot and I have been a user since almost a year, but now I have an issue.

I noticed some time ago that my DNS resolver is located on Vultr, yesterday this video published by Louis Rossman (a very important figure in the digital privacy field) has published this video

And reading the newly updated TOS, what he is saying seems to be actually right.

My question for the NextDNS team is when are you going to migrate to a new cloud hosting that will protect users? Many of us are using NextDNS specifically due to its privacy policy but in this case you are getting betrayed at a hosting level. When can we expect the new system to be up? Is there even any plan on moving to a more privacy oriented hosting right now? What about users like me who are in Europe where we actually are more invested about privacy than our transatlantic counterpart?


I thank you all in advance,

I find it extremely odd to have to open a forum post to discuss with a business so I am sorry if my writing is weird. Feel free to contact me by email if you deem that to be more appropriate but I couldn't find any way to get to you.

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