iOS 16 Beta isn't using device name

I know beta is beta, and this isn't a complaint as much as it is an awareness post, but on the iOS 16 Beta I'm noticing the NextDNS app for iPhone is not retrieving the device name set and is instead using 'iPhone' as a generic name.

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  • This is a new protection against fingerprinting that Apple introduced in iOS 16 (see https://developers.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2022/10068/?time=1384).

    We will only be able to release a fix in September (as this needs to be submitted with Xcode 14).

    We highly recommend people to switch to the Apple Configuration Profile way, you can generate a profile at https://apple.nextdns.io.

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      • BS
      • teal_rabbit
      • 11 mths ago
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      NextDNS Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the update. I knew there had to be something that changed. Cheers! 🍻

      • Mike Brust
      • Mike_Brust
      • 8 mths ago
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      NextDNS Hi,  are you still working on a fix as Xcode 14 has been released. 
      I know that I can use a profile but the nextdns should be updated

    • NextDNS A low-hanging fruit could be to have a field that allows us to specify device name manually, if it can't get auto-detected

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  • That’s a privacy feature Apple introduced in iOS 16…

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      • BS
      • teal_rabbit
      • 11 mths ago
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      Rob Do you know which one? I'm not using Private Relay or anything like that, just a basic iPhone with the NextDNS app from the store. I was able to get the device name reporting again using the custom configuration profile from (NextDNS - Apple Configuration Profile) but I'm not sure why the app version is no longer detecting/reporting the device name.

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