Support for pro users.

It`s annoying that PRO users don`t get a special support service. 

Email, chat, whatever , but you pay for a premium service, you must have premium support, ahead of all the orhers....

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  • $20/year. One support contact would be >$8.

    I could see a premium tier though - say $50/year gets you 2 support contacts per year. Or first 30 days email support. Or $20/incident support plan.

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  • I'd like to echo the sentiment. As a paid subscriber, I'd really like some type of more direct support contact than through a forum style website.

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  • Agree! When I first signed up, there was a support contact link somewhere on the site. It seems to be gone now. I just kinda figured when I signed up for subscription that there'd still be some kind of support mechanism. :-/

    I'm hopeful that the lack of support options recently indicates NextDNS is growing and unable to handle direct support with their current staffing level, and they'll increase staffing level to return to direct support for paid subscribers.

  • Make the service free and charge for support!  

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    I was happy with the live chat module with soonventual response.  The beta evolved nicely.

    I GREATLY PREFER the cost of the paid service as is.  I am super NOT interested in increasing this cost for the benefit of the few

    Instead sell service plans to those PAID users who opt to purchase it separately.  Amortize among that subset.

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  • I totally agree , we need a way contact them directly

  • I used the Chat support they had, even though it was delayed it still worked really well, and now it's gone which is too bad because it's not clear how we get support beyond posting in here and hoping for the right answer. Please bring that back for paid memberships.

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