For the prosumers that have a homelab (windows server, linux, etc...) why not let us to set the external IP address or use DDNS and then forward all traffic through a DNS server through forwarders. Without this setup my "devices" can't communicate with the DNS servers I have.

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  • I believe the details are already listed out in the Setup Guide

    https://my.nextdns.io/<yourconfigid>/setup > Setup Guide > Routers

    You would use whatever resolver you're using in your lab and have it point to NextDNS as your upstream resolver. This would allow your resolver to answer first, and when it can't it will forward the request on to your NextDNS profile accordingly. 

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  • Did you check https://nextdns.io/cli ?

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    • Olivier Poitrey The CLI has no information on how to setup WINDOWS DNS forwarders with the service you are providing. I'm not setting up a linux machine or installing the apps for Windows, Mac, or Linux to do so. If you have any instructions... please provide them here.

      All I'm looking for is be able to have my existing "clients" or "devices" receive/send DNS requests by my Windows server(s). I have the forwarders setup with my NEXTDNS account under the specified servers and my IP linked.. What else is needed.

    • Lilac Hat To clarify in the last post this is for Windows Server 2019 acting as a local forwarder between the client and nextdns.

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      Matthew Wolf You said above "I have the forwarders setup with my NEXTDNS account under the specified servers and my IP linked.. What else is needed."

      I'd say that if you have your forwarding configured with your NextDNS IP's and your External IP linked to ensure queries are tied to your account, then I'd say you're all set. Checking your NextDNS Logs should confirm this. 

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    • TechStud Yes, I've set that up like I normally would. The test client I have says that it "its on NextDNS" but can't find the configuration file.

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