Anybody able to block TikTok?

I am trying to block TikTok for the kids. It doesn't seem to be working though.

I have added social networks to the blocked categories in Parental Control, but TikTok isn't blocked. All the other social media platforms like Twitter are. So, the blocking in general is working, just not for TikTok.

Then I added TikTok in Websites, Apps & Games, still not blocked. Anything else I put in there is blocked(e.g Netflix).

Is TikTok circumventing the system?

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  • It seems like the search function is blocked. The constant video feed cannot be blocked.... has anybody figured that one out?

  • tiktokcdn.com doesnt seem to be blocked with social media

  • Hi,

    Simply log into your NextDNS account, go to "My Configuration" and select the "Deny List" and add *.tiktok.com to the Deny List and press enter.

    Wait for 10 minutes and then Tik Tok should be blocked.

    You can add any website or domain to the Deny List and it is useful to deal with those domains which evade parental controls.

    Please ensure that you have a very strong password for NextDNS that nobody will ever guess and DO NOT EVER keep any record of your NextDNS password to avoid children circumventing your parental controls.

  • That actually brings up a feature suggestion I’d like to offer. As someone with a family member in the intelligence community, I’m aware of security issues.  And if we look under TikTok’s ASN, there are a number of firms that raise security issues. (I’m wording that carefully, as I DO NOT in any way support anti-Asian sentiment.) But let’s just say an awful lot call back to servers in China.

    So, my suggestion is adding the ability to block by ASN. There is nothing under TikTok’s ASN to which I would want to connect.

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