How much individual user data is shared with blocklist owners?

I find it an incredibly odd coincidence that I have used NextDNS quite regularly and I have also become interested in a model building hobby and suddenly… one of the random ecomm sites is blocked by three of the lists




What would cause blocklists to add a random ecomm website to their lists? A gundam ecomm website is not an ad generator, it's not even a marketing platform. They barely even have email marketing.

This does not exude confidence in their abilities to recognize valid threats/risks.

Another example is Atlassian. This was recently blocked across the board. Atlassian may advertise but they are not an ad generator, they are not a marketing source, they are a  business product. 

Adding a business product to a block list across the board will significantly impact many users day to day workflow. There's no reason to block these. 

So I am looking to find the reasoning, I've seen several other VERY NICHE websites added to lists that seemingly are generated from my PERSONAL use of the service. 

The model is basically this: Innocuous source unrelated to tracking/marketing/ads is added to blocklists that prevent tracking/marketing/ads and are not prevalent on any known lists. 

Are these lists audited? Who adds to these lists, who maintains or verifies the validity of the entries? If no answer is found then why are these supported and recommended by the NextDNS platform? They are sometimes useful but over time they've blocked very prevalent resources like Google, without any warning whatsoever. 

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  • None.

    do you seriously believe your PERSONAL  use of a website caused it to be added to a blocklist?

    in less time than it took to write your question you could have found the following  information  directly on this website 




    You’re welcome 

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    • Calvin Hobbes So, when this community was opened and advertised on Reddit I didn't think I'd get snarky and obnoxious replies like this but, you're right. Thank you for helping me understand this is a shit place to bring up issues. You're really a winning ass hat.

  • To be extra clear: NO USER DATA is shared with blocklist owners. Your logs (when enabled) is only used for your own analytics and is shared with nobody.

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    • Olivier Poitrey Thank you.

  • Mark Mathis

    Your random ecomm is not so random due CNAME to sendgrid.net, which is just teasing all the time to get listed on some lists.

    There is no need for paranoia here. 🙂

    • crssi so the DNS owner is blocked… why would that affect the TLD?

      • crssi
      • crssi
      • 2 mths ago
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      Mark Mathis

      I am afraid I don't understand what you mean. 🤔

      What do you mean with"DNS owner"?

      Why do you think this has anything to do with TLD, since I do not see anything TLD related here?

      Your random ecomm site url7809.usagundamstore.com is an alias (cname) pointing to sendgrid.net which is actually denied and this way the url7809.usagundamstore.com also gets indirectly denied.

      So no blocklist maintainer need to know anything about url7809.usagundamstore.com, they just denied sendgrid.net.


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