nextDNS on Windows 10 Fatal Errors: write event: file has already been closed - breaks office 365 and websites

I am having problems in windows 10 build 19042.867 on two different machines. The network icon turns to a globe (means disconnected from internet) and some things, e.g., office 365 desktop applications do not work and some websites timeout.

If I quit nextDNS it sometimes resolves the issue, then I can restart nextDNS and it works fine again for awhile. 

I have over 2000  errors from nextDNS over the past 7 days. They are Event ID 1 and the message is:  write event: file has already been closed

Note: this was posted in the community 1 month ago, but it was not preventing work from being done and there were no replys from NextDNS staff. Escalating as a bug here.

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  • I had the same issue, we'll see.  as people get their machines updated, more will have the issue and diagnostics will help fix whatever it is.  FYI everyone windows update doesn't and never has and never will install ALL of the same updates to machines all at once,  the world could melt if microsoft did that.  micro updates are done also that aren't documented very well.  YOu could have 5 dell pcs, same hardware, and all 5 could have different updates missing.  It's a long long thing that I don't know about anymore, I quit chasing which updates screw stuff up years ago. decades actually. haha

  • I agree to a certain extent about the updates if you consider drivers, etc., but I think significant chunks of the machines will have the same build numbers and that's borne out in my experience with reporting bugs on other software, give the build number and list the devices is the usual request + show that its repeatable on my systems and have the vendor reproduce it.  That I can do and the fact that I can do it on machines with dissimilar hardware makes my point. 

    This has only come about with the advent of windows 10, its much more sane about the update process; e.g.,  bi-annual releases which provide the build numbers that I cited in my post. 

    This will bring you current: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/update/waas-servicing-differences

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  • I have the same on my Windows 10 PC. When just disabling nextDNS Windows sees it being able to connect to the internet, although internet connectivity was working fine. Last night I tried to install NetLimmiter InfoBar and I was unable to as the installer saw the PC as not connected to the internet. I simply disabled nextDNS, started the install, and enabled it again.

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