unlinking an IP from a config

Hello All,

New user here, so I apologize if the answer is elementary. Please excuse my ignorance. 
My problem is that I have two residences; Jersey and a place in Upstate NY. When the kids school get closed due to Covid, we all head on up to the upstate cabin. Who wants to stay in Jersey?
The router up there has the NextDNS servers configured and everything is copacetic... that is until we came back down to NJ. I was looking at the upstate config and the Linked IP was not green. I knew I should't click on it - but I did. Now all logs have stopped and basically that config is kaput.
Q: Is there anyway to unlink or otherwise enforce the IP of the router up there so I can resume collecting logs? 

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  • No, you have to be there for security reasons.

  • Crap Nuggets!
    Is there no way to programmatically update the linked IP by calling:
    ... if only I knew the encoding used in the last segment of the URI ... I bet I could fix this

    • Eric Bucher it's not an encoding, it's a secret. There is a protection on this URL to make sure you can't call it from a different network.

  • Yea. I get it. Now if only someone from your support staff could fix it for me - just an idea I'm throwing out there. Or perhaps an "undo" button in the console to prevent stupid mistakes like this.   

      • Greg B.
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      Eric Bucher Some advice would be to create a 2nd config at/for the place that's no longer linked. So the next time you're physically at this 2nd place, you can link it's ip. It would be something like:

      Config 1 - NY - Link Your NY IP

      Config 2 - NJ - Link Your NJ IP

      Or Vice versa.

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  • Greg Burns
    Versa vice!
    There would no functional difference for me to create a new profile, only to have to be there in person to link the IP.  Luckily, I made it up last weekend and hit the link button on the original profile. Everything is copacetic. It's just that I cannot believe I'm the only schmo who's done this. A proper support staff could have easily fixed it... but no. Nobody, and I mean NextDNS, get up out of your chairs to help me, I got this. 

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