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Can an feature be added to easily add a domain from the logs to the deny list or allow list just by clicking an icon?   Looking for something like PiHole has in this regard.  Copy/pasting each domain one at a time is really tedious. 


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    • ascent365
    • 2 yrs ago
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    • Luigi_calamar
    • 1 yr ago
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    any follow up on this... it is a great idea

    • A_drianne
    • 1 yr ago
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    This is a browser extension that you can do this on called NX Enhanced for nextdns ...but it started acting up recently for me but I used it for a while it comes in handy you should try it

    • Brian_Olson
    • 5 mths ago
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    Wow, returning to this service after a couple of years and I can't believe this simple and incredibly useful feature hasn't been delivered yet. What gives NextDNS??

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