[Required] Update IPv6 DNS server in Vietnam

Hi team,

According to statistics of the Vietnam Internet Center, the allocated IPv6 address is more than 40% (http://vietnamipv6ready.vn/). When using networks with IPv6 the speed of domain name resolution is significantly slowed down, due to the connection to anycast servers. Especially for mobile devices, priority will be given to using IPv6 servers to connect.

I checked through the ultralow servers (https://router.nextdns.io/?limit=10&stack=dual), the greencloud-han server has IPv6, but the anexia-han server still doesn't have IPv6.

I have attached the network diagnostic link, actually the speed to anycast IPv6 servers is very slow. Hopefully in the future the team will fully update IPv6 addresses for ultralow servers.



Update https://ping.nextdns.io

  greencloud-han (IPv6)    30 ms
■ greencloud-han           38 ms  (ultralow2)
  anexia-hkg               41 ms  (anycast2)
  zepto-hkg                42 ms
  anexia-hkg (IPv6)        57 ms
  anexia-tpe               61 ms
  anexia-han               66 ms  (ultralow1)
  zepto-hkg (IPv6)         67 ms  (anycast1)
  anexia-tpe (IPv6)        69 ms
  premiumrdp-kul           79 ms
  premiumrdp-bkk           82 ms
  thegigabit-kul          100 ms
  vultr-tyo (IPv6)        124 ms  (anycast2)
  bangmod-bkk             128 ms
  zepto-fra               175 ms  (anycast1)
  serverfield-tpe         213 ms
  dns1.nextdns.io (IPv6)   error  (ultralow1)
  dns2.nextdns.io (IPv6)   error  (ultralow2)
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  • Update diagnostics when device switches to IPv6 connection https://nextdns.io/diag/94c4bf40-6486-11ec-a5a9-3349ab48874b

      greencloud-han (IPv6)    29 ms
      greencloud-han           33 ms  (ultralow2)
      zepto-hkg                42 ms
      anexia-hkg               43 ms  (anycast2)
      anexia-hkg (IPv6)        52 ms
    ■ gsl-sin (IPv6)           59 ms  (anycast1)
      anexia-tpe               59 ms
      zepto-hkg (IPv6)         64 ms
      anexia-han               66 ms  (ultralow1)
      premiumrdp-bkk           66 ms
      premiumrdp-kul           75 ms
      anexia-tpe (IPv6)        82 ms
      thegigabit-kul           84 ms
      zepto-fra               164 ms  (anycast1)
      serverfield-tpe         218 ms
      anexia-fra (IPv6)       230 ms  (anycast2)
      bangmod-bkk             488 ms
      dns1.nextdns.io (IPv6)   error  (ultralow1)
      dns2.nextdns.io (IPv6)   error  (ultralow2)
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