Statistics - Device List: Device shows queries of 2 different PC's

I have 2 Win10-Laptops using "NextDNS for Windows" utility.
Laptops are simply named like "T520A" and "T520B" ( networkname )

Looking into the Device - List in the menu "Protocols" i just can find one of them listed, "T520A".

If i choose "T520A" from the devicelist i can see not only "T520A" in the data, "T520B" is listed also.

This is very strange.
Looks like, both Laptops are visible as one device to NextDNS.

The question is:
What information is queried by the Windows - Utility and is send to the NextDNS - Server?
I'm quite sure, "T520B" is a clone of "T520A", but the Networkname was renamed, other ip set,  other license set, and so on ... so it should be not the same "device".

Can someone tell me, what information is used for the "device" drop - down - Menu?
Or can someone point me to the right setting to fix this?

Or, would it be possible to override the Device - Name with an own String?

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