Dynamic DNS (DDNS) via Mobile App

Allow the mobile app to update the “Linked IP” for a profile in the background making it seamless for the user.

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  • Read: https://help.nextdns.io/t/g9hmvan/what-is-linked-ip

    You didn't understand, "Linked IP" is only needed for ipv4, which the app does not use. If you use a DDNS as I do (my isp is offering this service and I have dynamic IP and the router is from my ISP and I can use only the ipv4) : "You are currently using xxxxx.xx.xx as DDNS hostname, your IP will be automatically updated every minute."

    Anyway, use ipv4 or ipv6 only if you can't use DNS-over-Https or DNS-over-TLS/QUIC, see here: https://help.nextdns.io/t/m1hmv0k/which-setup-type-to-use

    I recommend you to read the documentation from Knowledge Base.

    And when you refresh "Linked IP" it must be done from a device with the "correct" ip, if on the phone you use a VPN or the data connection it will be a different, so wrong, ip.

    I use different profiles for different devices. For me NextDNS is amazing once I got it how to use is it, and I use it since the beta.

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      • Beegle
      • beegle
      • 1 yr ago
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      losnad It is you who misunderstands.  I periodically have to update the linked IP on the profile for my mobile device when it is connected to WiFi networks that only support v4.

      • Beegle
      • beegle
      • 1 yr ago
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      losnad Yes, I am aware that I can add those network SSIDs if I use the mobile app but sometimes it would be nice for things to be a little more seamless.

      I too love NextDNS.  It was just a suggested feature.  That is kind of the point if the ‘Ideas’ category in these forums.

    • April and David Beegle As far as I understand linking is used to link your home/owned network to your profile. When you talk about WiFi networks, are these the ones you own or the ones you use when you are not home? 

  • What service set identifier (SSID) has to do with NextDNS?


    If you use the NextDNS app, another app for DNS or if you set private DNS in phone and you set it with DNS over https or DNS over tls it does not matter what the wifi network support or is set to.

    There isn't anything more seamless since the NextDNS app once you put your profile will use it connected not with DNS v4.

    On my router I disabled ipv6 and the DNS v4 is set to use AdGuard DNS. Yet, on my TV I set one of my profiles from NextDNS. On my phone I use AdGuard app and I set it to use NextDNS. Even if the network is only ipv4, https and tls work. As I said, what the router is set up does not matter, each device can use different DNS as long as they have the option to change it manually. The DNS from the router is only used if the device connecting to the router is set in auto.

    As I have it now, using AdGuard app, I can connect to any network and I will always use NextDNS, no matter how that network, router, is configured, which DNS is set up.

    Since my phone is set in AdGuard to use DNS over https or tls I never need to update my Linked ip.

  • April and David Beegle Maybe I'm misunderstanding your OP but you have to link the ip using a browser. Technically you can do this on a mobile device using a browser (while on your home network). The NextDNS mobile app has to establish a vpn connection which doesn't depend on ip linking

  • I’m sorry all.  The topic from my OP is suggesting that the mobile iOS app use DDNS which it currently does not.  I thought this section was for submitting ideas, not solicit community support.  If I were able to delete the OP so that it would no longer bother you all, I would do so.

      • Greg B.
      • nisten
      • 1 yr ago
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      Beegle Personally I'm not bothered but there does seem to be alot of assumptions we're having to make about what you're actually wanting to be implemented as a possible idea since, before your last post, we didn't know what mobile app or OS you were referring to. Also like Henk van Achterberg asked, it's not clear what kind of wifi networks you're talking about but since they are stated plurally, I'm assuming you mean solely wifi networks outside your house or possibly both your home wifi network and wifi networks outside your house; which could be adding to further miscommunication

      NextDNS, is conventionally only used for linking your static/dynamic public ip on your home network only. You would only need to link your ip if you're using ipv4 at home.

      There's 3 ways to setup NextDNS on iOS without linking your home's ip statically or dynamically via DDNS (including the mobile app you seem to be referencing), which would, at least on the surface, make this idea seem redundant. Not to mention this isn't recommended for mobile, so if you are or have been linking your public ip outside your house, then that is not recommended

      TL:DR - It is not recommended to link your public ip (statically or dynamically via DDNS) on mobile/wifi networks when you're outside your home. Mobile NextDNS apps don't require nor need DDNS anyway since they utilize VPN. DDNS is for when your public ip (at home) is dynamic and ipv4 is your only option for using NextDNS on your device(s) at home

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