Denylist upload or insert domains per line

It's currently super annoying to transfer longer denylists or share them with friends. First, no upload of .txt files is allowed, which I understand, but why can't I enter multiple domains with comma or enter one domain by line? In AdGuard DNS Admin i can insert my complete list, one domain per line, in seconds. Here i must copy domain after domain... that takes so long time. Please make it better. Love NextDNS - Hate the Denylist function.

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  • I said the same thing in my post


    Not any interest in my idea No upvotes and 2 views I think and they still have not done it.

    People will start going back to the Adguard DNS if they don't do something about it.

    I second your idea and also hate the denylist.

    If they don't listen someone else will read this and take over, I have seen it time and time again 

    So get on with our idea's about the denylist function, please 

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  • I don't think they're interested Peter ??

    I think we have the best idea they could have! It is so simple to do as well, so I am using this and still my hosts file and AdGuard just so I can do my own lists.

    To anyone looking at this idea, it is a must-have so please Upvote it ;)) 

    I'm guessing they just look at the votes and then do it??

    If possible upvote my same idea https://help.nextdns.io/t/q6hnc43/master-list 

    Thank you to all and all the best ;))

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