Comparing Hagezi Light and OISD Big

Is it better to use Hagezi Light or OISD Big?
What are the differences between them, and which one has fewer false positives?
Are there any other recommended blocklists that can be used together with one of those blocklists

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    • Martheen
    • 10 mths ago
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    >fewer false positives

    This really depends on what type of sites you visit. None of the sites & apps I frequent have recurrent problems with both, in the rare case that they do, filling an issue in their GitHub page gets a very quick response, and what I like is both of them prefer a working site over blocking ads.

    IMHO if you don't see ads in your current config, then things are fine, when you do, check your logs and either add them manually or find a list that blocks them using DNSWarden or RethinkDNS search tool.

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