Android device not using any nearby server

On my phone it appears that NextDNS isn't using any servers shown on ping.nextdns.io, and using test.nextdns.io shows a really far away server:

"status": "ok",
"protocol": "DOH",
"configuration": "fpcb37ce6c12449efd",
"client": "xxxx",
"destIP": "",
"anycast": false,
"server": "netbarista-par-1",
"clientName": "unknown-doh",
"deviceName": "OnePlus8Pro",
"deviceID": "ES641"

Any ideas what the problem could be? Please let me know if there are any logs/more information I can give you (I'm not sure what else I can provide through Android).

I'm located in the UK if that helps at all. 




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