Compatiblity of NextDNS with Lulu Firewall (macOS Catalina)

Is it possible to run the NextDNS app alongside the Lulu Firewall? (macOS 10.15.7)
This one: https://objective-see.com/products/lulu.html

I was just wondering if there are any compatibility issues as both apps are filtering all network activities 🤔

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  • Dan

    I don't use the app, had far too many issues with it not running properly

    However I do use the nextdns.io profiler on the mac (10.15.7) along with dns settings on the router for all other devices and can confirm lulu works along side nextdns with no issues

    From your dashboard use the Apple Configuration Profile Generator available at apple.nextdns.io.

    Click advanced
    Give the Device a name and select a model from the list
    Then select Trust NextDNS Root CA and Sign Configuration Profile

    Then follow the instructions to install on the mac

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