East US secondary routing to Brazil/Rio


I had sent this in a while ago, on the old Intercom chat, but wanted to re-post here since Intercom is gone. Located in Pennsylvania, USA. Noticing that my primary normally is anexia-mnz or zepto-xrs which are close POPs, but my secondary has been going to anexia-rio for a while now. There are many other POPs that are geographically and (from what I can tell) a hop or two closer. Hoping that something can be done to fix this, as browsing gets a bit slow when a device decides that it needs to talk to the secondary for a bit (happens most often with the iOS app). Most recent diag:  https://nextdns.io/diag/0b7d1090-418a-11eb-b175-c9d2fa4ad47e


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  • Just checking to see if there’s any planned improvements for the Eastern US anycast routing that might fix the issue with the slow secondary. It’s still causing some noticeable issues when the iOS app switches to the secondary during normal use.

  • Olivier Poitrey I am also seeing similar same behavior. I am located in the US Midwest and connect mostly to either CA Toronto or US Chicago via wireguard. However, for my regular traffic I also connect to NextDNS using my DoT credentials from my setup page (Openwrt stubby+dnsmasq). If I look at dnsleaktest.com or test.nextdns.io I often see "anexia-rio-1" as the server in use.

    I checked with the diag tool and see a good amount more info. Is this working as expected? (Ultra low and Anycast shows as Atl and Chi which would be working as intended to me)


  • NextDNS Just wanted to see if this is something that's likely to improve, as sometimes use of the Anycast addresses is necessary (and the CLI seems to prefer them anymore). dns2 has moved from Rio (unusable) to Amsterdam (better but still noticably degraded). Here's my most recent diag: https://nextdns.io/diag/e0f2a2f0-c577-11eb-888e-9bb8ed454902

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