I think that things are not going right...


NextDNS subscriptor user. Installed client on Mac, iOS devices, W10 computers, and configured at Eero router for whole the rest of devices at home. Most of them IOT sensors, bulbs, etc.

I have problems with a Nintendo Switch console, and with 2 Asus Rog G17 laptops with W10 OS.

The Switch can't connect to Internet. It can connect to the Eero's WIFI but never reach the Internet. Maybe it is that can't reach in time some server to validate the connection. Don't know.

One of the laptops has the client installed. The other not. The one with the client after user login, needs more than 1 minute to appears the WIFI bars icon. While only can ping to router, but not to or for example. Later it seems to connect right.

The one without client needs too much time to reach Internet, and sometimes seems to be disconnected.

I have test sh -c 'sh -c "$(curl -s https://nextdns.io/diag)"' command at Mac, two times. The result aren't the same. Here the logs:



ping.nextdns.io result is:

■ anexia-mad       12 ms  (anycast2, ultralow1)
  zepto-mad        12 ms  (anycast1, ultralow2)
  zepto-mil        18 ms
  anexia-par       25 ms
  anexia-zrh       27 ms
  netbarista-par   27 ms
  virtua-par       30 ms
  serverwala-mil   30 ms
  exoscale-zrh     50 ms
  one-lis          58 ms

If I return to my providers DNS servers all things returns to going right.


Any idea? Thanks

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