Parental Control Password Before Deleting NextDNS App

November 16, 2022

So I’ve discovered that the NextDNS app has a passcode to access app feature in its settings. However let’s say an adult would like to add the NextDNS app to a child’s phone to block content that kids shouldn’t be exposed to, the child can just delete the NextDNS app (even with the passcode to access app feature enabled, and bypass the parental controls): so my preposition is to add an option in settings that whenever the Passcode feature is enabled on a device that there would be an additional feature in the settings tab called “Require Passcode Upon Deletion of NextDNS” that way upon app deletion the passcode is required before successful deletion of the app to help circumvent a simple bypass method upon uninstall…

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    • Mikey_piontek
    • 1 yr ago
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    For a future like that to work the appwould need root access on the phone which can possibly be dangerous and virtually impossible on iOS devices

    • rich.1
    • 2 mths ago
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    A feature like this would be very helpful - a creative developer can find a way to do it on non-rooted android devices, see the app GamBan for example in terms of making it very tough to remove.

    • things
    • 1 mth ago
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    Bit risky to allow 3rd party apps that kind of access to the root of the system...

    But you can restrict the installation and deletion of apps on many phones, and you can usually password protect that restriction.

    You may need to enable parental controls on the device first.

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