ULL Issue: dns1.nextdns.io (IPv6) error (ultralow1) in Superloop ISP

There seems to be an error in ipv6 for Ultralow1. 

■ gsl-mel                   6 ms  (anycast1, ultralow1)

  zetta-mel                12 ms  (ultralow2)

  zetta-adl                16 ms

  gsl-adl                  16 ms

  zetta-syd                18 ms

  vultr-syd                18 ms

  gsl-syd                  18 ms

  vultr-syd (IPv6)         18 ms

  gsl-bne                  28 ms

  gsl-bne (IPv6)           28 ms  (anycast1)

  zetta-bne                30 ms

  zetta-per                41 ms  (anycast2)

  zetta-per (IPv6)         53 ms

  zetta-syd (IPv6)        173 ms  (anycast2)

  zetta-mel (IPv6)        186 ms  (ultralow2)

  gsl-mel (IPv6)           error

  gsl-adl (IPv6)           error

  gsl-syd (IPv6)           error

dns1.nextdns.io (IPv6) error (ultralow1)

Can you please check? Sometimes i goes to ipv4 but when it jumps to ipv6, i lose internet connection. Also the other ipv6 servers seems to be slow too.

Below is the diag:


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  •  Any updates on this please.

  • Can someone from the team please chdck this? uLL 1 ipv6 is still error.

    cant tag people for some reason.

  • No one can assist. No one from staff wants to assist. 😏😏😏

    • Anownymous looks like IPv6 is busted at your ISP. The traceroute shows crazy latencies inside their own network on v6. I'm afraid there is nothing we can do on our side.

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