How to ID Roku, etc

So  a LOT of my blocked requests are from unidentified devices. I've setup my MacBook and iOS devices and the Apple TV but I have a Roku streaming stick and a couple of WeMo smart plugs and I don't see a way to ID them. 

More Info: I've setup NextDNS on the router (and Amplifi HD) by entering the two IP v4 DNS addresses so that everything on the home network uses NextDNS. The Amplifi doesnt support IPv6 addresses for DNS servers or DoH.

Any thoughts?

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  • You can not identify the device/app if you use DNS v4/v6.

    You either set the devices/apps to use DoH/DoT or you create different configuration for each device, if you want to have the full picture.

    The router does not matter if you can set the DNS in the device/app.

    • losnad  "

      The router does not matter if you can set the DNS in the device/app."

      Why would I do that? The devices aren't getting DNS directly (I'm not using the apps on each device) and in any event, I can't set DNS or install the app on the Roku or WeMo devices.

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      If the device/app cannot use the NextDNS app, CLI or doesn't have configurable DoH/DoT DNS and is just using the router DNS it cannot be identified.

      You would use different configuration for multiple reasons, like different settings and/or checking the traffic request for each device. For example my TV has a different configuration so I can see what is happening. It only has DNS v4 configurable, so i can't identify it.

      If all the devices ask the router and the router asks NextDNS for the DNS resolve, how can NextDNS know what device is making the request when they look the same.

    • losnad Ah. The Apple devices can all be IDed using the configuration profiles for them (an apple thing) but Roku and WeMo can't.  Oh well.

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