Over 200ms of latency per use

I live in China. According to the introduction, NEXTDNS has a Hong Kong server, but this Hong Kong server does not work. Using ping.nextdns.io , I can see that the servers closest to me are Taipei, Seoul, and Vietnam, and the delays are all below 60ms. But I don't know why, in a week of using Nextdns, I can only connect to Nextdns servers in France or Germany, and these servers have a delay of more than 200ms.In the picture you can see such a great distance.

When I use OpenDNS, OpenDNS can connect to servers in Hong Kong or Tokyo, which is normal.

I'm really confused and looking forward to this issue being resolved.

Here is my bug report:


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    Use the app for for temporary solution 

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    If you use mobile, use profile (iOS 14 or later) and private DNS (Android 9 or later) to use the nearest ultralow server!

    If you are using DoT, using default IP 45.90.28.x/45.90.30.x do the following:

    - Access to https://ping.nextdns.io and wait for the ping to complete. Remember the 2 lowest ping ultralow hostnames.

    - Access to https://router.nextdns.io/?limit=10&stack=dual. Get the IP address that matches the hostname in the previous step.

    - Edit IP address 45.90.28.x/45.90.30.x to 2 previously existing IP addresses.

    - Change the domain name <ID>.dns1/dns2.nextdns.io to <ID>.dns.nextdns.io

    For example:

    I'm in Vietnam and my ping + router results

    ■ anexia-han       32 ms  (ultralow1)
      anexia-hkg       39 ms  (anycast2)
      greencloud-han   45 ms  (ultralow2)
      vultr-sin        59 ms
      zepto-sin        66 ms
      premiumrdp-kul   68 ms
      anexia-sin       83 ms
      thegigabit-kul   84 ms
      premiumrdp-bkk   94 ms
      bangmod-bkk     121 ms
      gsl-sin         141 ms
      zepto-fra       166 ms  (anycast1)

    DoT Configuration I installed

    Now I change to

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