US-Mid West Based, keep getting assigned to Anexia-Rio. ~150 ms response time

Olivier Poitrey  I am seeing odd behavior. I am located in the US Midwest. However,  If I look at dnsleaktest.com or test.nextdns.io I often see "anexia-rio-1" as the server in use.

I checked with the diag tool and see a good amount more info. Is this working as expected?


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  • I've had to switch to cloud flare to get decent response times for the time being. If this can't get sorted out, I'll have to cancel my account since it's unusable for me at present.

  • Can you please try again and tell me if it is better?

    • Olivier Poitrey  seems to still be assigning me to RIO, I ran a couple refreshes. I'm also not seeing ATL on the list at all. Normally when I was assigned to CHI and ATL, everyone was happy.

    • Hans Geiblinger should be fixed noe

    • Olivier Poitrey Now you have me cooking with fire, thank you very much!!! Can I please ask what was done? Was there a routing issue on the backend that you fixed, or have you just hardcoded my customer profile to use ATL and CHI? :-)

    • Hans Geiblinger just a routing issue with your ISP preferring our anexia-rio PoP thru level 3.

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    • Olivier Poitrey You are a champion and a scholar, thank you! I assume anyone else in the Midwest on Comcast will also be thankful for the lower latency response times.

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    • Hans Geiblinger This also got my anycast2 from Rio to Amsterdam - still not the closest to Pennsylvania, but a decrease in latency from 150ms to 85ms. So I am thankful too!

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  • I am in NY and get bunch of random servers from France 🇫🇷 Brazil 🇧🇷 Australia 🇦🇺 Anexia-Rio also there but they are anycast 2 which is secondary DNS . I wish that secondary DNS was at least from  USA I don’t mind if it’s from west coast but again it’s the worst case scenario. Your primary DNS is Vultr which is getting excellent ping! 

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    • TheGreat1G all pops except rio in the list are close to NYC and definitely in the US. Can you please provide a https://nextdns.io/diag?

    • Olivier Poitrey looks like you fixed it, thanks! All my DNS servers are close by now! 

  • for some reason I am connecting to Johannesburg DNS server now?

    I am in NY on Spectrum.


    Test was run on my desktop that uses OpenDNS

    iOS NextDNS ping test;

      anexia-ewr       35 ms  (ultralow1)

      vultr-ewr        36 ms  (anycast1, ultralow2)

      zepto-iad        39 ms

      smarthost-bos    39 ms

      zepto-xrs        40 ms

      premiumrdp-bos   40 ms

      anexia-mnz       41 ms

      router-pit       50 ms

      teraswitch-pit   52 ms

      ovh-ymq          58 ms

    ■ anexia-jnb      397 ms  (anycast2)

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