Fails to load win 10

I am sorry my "bug" report is crap. A couple days after upgrading from version 1909 to 20H2 I noticed that NextDNS was not working. I could not run the  program at all! I could login to my account, but could not run the program. I uninstalled. Downloaded the latest version (mine was a few months old), and installed. Installation had an error 

NextDNS Setup

Error opening file for writing:
C:\Program Files (x86)\NextDNS\NextDNS.exe
Click Abort to stop the installation,
Retry to try again, or Ignore to skip this file.
Abort  Retry  Ignore


Retry failed. Abort aborted! Ignore seemed fine. Program installed was fine. That was yesterday. Today, I had Terrible internet. half the sites simply failed. NextDNS was not running again! It could not be started. It could  not run an uninstall program. It seemed to even stop task manager. Pings failed even for or or most of the time but not always. I was using my normal ethernet connection, not the tap-windows adapter from Next.

Rebooting modem/ router, computer failed to improve the situation. changing from next dns to quad 9 as my dns failed to  help. IPConfig, using Quad Nine reported that it couldn't connect to next dns. Despite having changed everything in both the computer and router and disabling the adapter. The adapter and program infinite  looped on an attempt to uninstall. Finally got it to uninstall, but next dns vpn was still grabbing my  dns. I didn't think to flush the dns cache. 

I sent in your troubleshooter info.

I went into device manager and removed the nextdns adapter. Now everything is back to working fine, but I  don't have nextdns on my Windows computer, just my  Android devices. I'm using Quad 9.

I am guessing that the uninstall and install programs contact Nextdns and horrible latency prevents a response so it spins around forever. 

Again sorry my report is crap, but I needed to just get back up and running and didn't know what the issue was. I'll be glad to run a test or try and help. I was writing an article about nextDNS for my clients  (and other consultants), but am afraid to recommend it now.

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  • I have the same issue.

  • I have the same issue as of a couple days ago. Trying to reinstall and it just keeps failing

  • Trying to remove the adapater also fails 

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling results in "Error to communicate with NextDNS Windows Service"    

  • Please make sure the binary wasn’t quarantined by your anti-virus.

  • A month or two after giving up on Windows NextDNS I got a new computer.  I have continued to use next dns on my android tablet and phone and had no problems. This time I simply pointed to the next dns servers within the program, but didn't use any software. Not their adaptor or Yogi. I also didn't install no-ip ddns service. For the last two months it has worked just fine. I don't get information specific to this computer because it is "unidentified". But, it is still actively and properly working.

    NextDNS said:
    Please make sure the binary wasn’t quarantined by your anti-virus.

     That could not have been my problem (I think). I use Webroot and it shows the files it 1. blocks or 2. monitors, or 3. allows. I would have seen the problem.

    Now, one other issue that might, possibly, be a factor though I honestly can't figure out how. - My Router has been acting up. Sometimes it screws up my internet connection and I've had to reboot about once a week. It is an Asus RT-AC66U. - Since I tried rebooting the router and it didn't work before giving up on the drivers, that seems unlikely, but that router does weird stuff, like stopping my smtp server (couldn't send), While letting me get messages just fine, or slowing one website to a crawl, while being just fine on another. Turn it off, then on again and all the problem disappear.

    My new router comes tomorrow.

    Is there any advantage to the software other than being able to identify the computer?

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