NextDNS with Windows 11 multi-user PC

A lot of this community is highly techie and I don't understand 90% of posts, so please go easy on me. I haven't yet found a way to setup NextDNS on my multi-user Windows 11 laptop. If I use the app, it only works for the user who installed the app. If I enter NextDNS numbers in the IPV4 network settings, there's no way to identify my laptop in the logs and, surely DNS traffic is then in the clear. YogaDNS works beautifully but I'm reluctant to use it as it's third party proprietary software from Russia (apparently). Also, I don't understand DoH or how to set it up, or if I should.

So that's where I am right now. I really like NextDNS and I use it on my phone, Chromebook and another laptop which is pretty much single user. But this multi-user laptop is a problem.

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  • You don't need the NextDNS app on Windows 11 22H2. Enable DNS over HTTPS under connection settings, set the DNS servers to to match the app, and set a manual template for each to https://windows.dns.nextdns.io/<ID>/Windows%2011 where <ID> is your NextDNS identifer and Windows%2011 is whatever string you want to use to identify your laptop (which is percent-encoded "Windows 11" in this case).

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