U2F Security Key (YubiKey) support

I suggest supporting U2F because security keys are the most secure method for 2FA. Unlike TOTP codes generated by an authenticator app, U2F keys are phishing-proof. They only work once you have registered them with a website.
In my opinion, it is worth improving NextDNS account security because:
1) Hacker who takes over NextDNS account will know user operating system, antivirus, online services, etc. This information will significantly help the hacker to prepare and conduct a successful attack.
2) Hacker can use the rewrites feature (in settings) to redirect the user to a malicious website.

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  • For the same reason (to improve account security), I also suggest voting for Tim Schuckelt idea:
    Email Notifications
    "It would be nice if you could enable the option to receive an email alert on successful login."

    This idea is about an option, which can be enabled/disabled depends on your preferences.

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  • U2F isn't restricted to Yubikey.

    Other keys like Nitrokey, Google Titan, Solokey works too.

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      I agree with you, but sometimes people use the word "yubikey" as synonymous with U2F key. Including "yubikey" in the subject may help some people in search of ideas.

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