Computers Bypassing DNS

I am guessing that I won't get much help with this one because I don't have enough information to provide but figured I would give it a shot.

I am using a router that I have put Fresh Tomato (freshtomato.org) on and then configured to use NextDNS. On that router, I have it configured to intercept DNS (checkbox) so that devices have to go through NextDNS.

It works great and I am able to be a control freak with what my children access except for the Chromebooks that our school district issued to my children for doing schoolwork during the pandemic.  Somehow, they are getting by the DNS from the router.  I know this because in the NextDNS parental controls, I have YouTube blocked and then recreation time set to allow them to watch during special hours.  These Chromebooks however are able to access YouTube at any time.

I went so far as to create a hosts file with all of the YouTube domains I could find and added it to the adblock settings that Fresh Tomato has but no luck there either.

Of course, getting information from the school district's IT group would be helpful but they don't respond so here I am, scratching my head.

If anybody has ever experienced a similar issue or has any ideas, I would appreciate any thoughts.

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  • Have you tried the "Block Bypass Methods" parental control setting?

    If it's a school provided chromebook, it may have certain DNS settings preconfigured by IT

    • Greg Burns Yes, we do have that option enabled as well.  I forgot to mention that.  I figured the same thing about the Chromebooks (though I can not figure out where they have it configured if they do) but considering I have the router set to intercept as well as NextDNS, I would think they should not be able to get past it.  Thanks for the thought!

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      April and David Beegle you can run a standard/extended dns test on the chromebook via dnsleaktest.com to see what dns provider/servers it's using to determine if you have to change the dns settings either at the individual network level or at the browser level. The former will only apply to that specific network on that specific device and instructions for changing it at the network level can be found here @ howtogeek.com/204672/how-to-change-the-dns-server-on-a-chromebook/

      Or you can follow the "Browsers" NextDNS setup guide for Google Chrome; However setting it @ the browser level will not apply to non-browser dns traffic on the same device

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