Enhanced account security

NextDNS is very powerful and a great product. DNS query logs can help users analyze some of the program's query requests, but because of this, stronger account security measures are needed.

The existing two-step authentication does not allow users to easily detect unauthorized access.

I suggest that NextDns add the following account security features.
1. post-login email alerts (with the option for users to turn them off, or send email alerts when the user's login IP changes)
2. audit logs of sensitive events (such as login events) to let users know what unauthorized logins have been made, so that security risks can be better detected.

It must be noted that these measures are not unnecessary, in some countries, such as China, there are a large number of enterprises similar to state authorities (such as "CloudBae", www.cloudbae.cn), monitoring people's privacy, and some people's computers are secretly planted with viruses at the BIOS level to monitor people's These people are unaware of these activities. There must be stronger measures to ensure that unauthorized access can be detected more easily.

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  • Hi PoolGunUiooue, I actually tough about E-Mail alerts and so on.

    What I did to enhance the security of my account is enable 2FA (TOTP), in that way you generate a security code that renew every 30 seconds that 99% chances no one has. I recommend you Tofu for iOS or Aegis for Android, or the built-in your password manager if you use one.

    I hope I helped you someway, and let me know!

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