I am tired. Why are you directing me to Dubai?

NextDNS Network Diagnostic

Country : India


I should be directed to anexia-maa

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  • Hi James Mun, when I started using NextDNS I were always connected to the country near where I live because the most near server was in that country.

    So I think that the fastest server for you is in Dubai.

    Try the "Ultra-Low Latency Network" option if available.

    I hope I helped you someway, and let me know!

      • James Mun
      • James_Mun
      • 9 days ago
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      Der Auslander I live in India and there are two or three servers in India but I am connected to Dubai which is far away. 

  • When I go to https://test.nextdns.io

        "status": "ok",
        "protocol": "UDP",
        "profile": "fp2df0f14512aeb08d",
        "client": "1xxxxx",
        "srcIP": "xxx",
        "destIP": "",
        "anycast": true,
        "server": "anexia-lax-1",
        "clientName": "unknown"

    When I go to https://ping.nextdns.io/

    do-blr           31 ms  (ultralow1)
      gc-bom           37 ms
      ls-pnq           49 ms
      anexia-maa       54 ms  (ultralow2)
      anexia-del       57 ms
      microhost-del    88 ms
      ls-bom           91 ms
      premiumrdp-bkk  105 ms
    ■ anexia-lax      243 ms  (anycast2)
      bangmod-bkk     277 ms
      anexia-dxb      295 ms  (anycast1)

  • So I decided to ask few of my friends to share their results 

    and they were directed to dxb or lax as well and they use other ISPs in India

    So, guess its the same for all users here. 

    Kindly fix this. 

  • The ultralow server only works in DoH, DoT… You are using UDP, so only connect to anycast server.  Try installing NextDNS on your phone, computer, or router that supports encrypted DNS.  You will connect to a server located in India!

      • James Mun
      • James_Mun
      • 8 days ago
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      BigDargon They have anycast server in India itself? 

      • Chris
      • Chris.6
      • 3 days ago
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      BigDargon I am testing some things here and it seems that in my example there are better anycast servers available, anything that can be done about this?


      • Chris
      • Chris.6
      • 3 days ago
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      BigDargon testing another location via VPN and NextDNS via UDP, NextDNS always chooses the slowest servers.

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