Could you please check why the following domain is not getting resolved on nextdns ?

This is a very important domain and the dns query from the web browser is not getting resolved on nextdns.io service for as long as I know. Please fix it.


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  • Works fine on me.

    Maybe something else is blocking it. Check with a different browser.



    DNS answer


    Or A,

    DNS Upstream


    You can check the DNS answer (replace XXXXXX with your configuration ID):


    Maybe this is relevant: "Currently, Login form this page is available for BO/CBO and CM users. For other users , please visit our website from www.cdslindia.com (Login to - Myeasi). Please use Internet Explorer to login.)"

  • Thanks for the follow up losnad

    When testing the DNS answer for web.cdslindia.com the output is as below

    {"Status":0,"TC":false,"RD":true,"RA":true,"AD":false,"CD":false,"Question":[{"name":"web.cdslindia.com.","type":1}],"Answer":[{"name":"web.cdslindia.com.","type":5,"TTL":30,"data":"web-origin.cdslindia.com."},{"name":"web-origin.cdslindia.com.","type":1,"TTL":30,"data":""}],"Additional":[{"name":".","type":41,"TTL":0,"data":"\n;; OPT PSEUDOSECTION:\n; EDNS: version 0; flags: ; udp: 1232"}]}

    The web browser ( brave ) output is  as :

    When I bypass the nextdns.io service using another DNS service ISP, Cloudflare the website gets resolved on the same browser.

    I have also added web.cdslindia.com to the nextdns Allowlist.

    What could be the possible reason ? any idea.

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