Renewed and DNS Stopped


I renewed my account on the 19th and since then I cannot use the service anymore.  If I put your dns in place with my profile then I get connection timeouts and no browsersr will pull anything up.

I currently use DoH on my Mikrotik router and was all working for nearly 6mo until I renwed and now cannot resolve anything.  I switch to cloudflare or google doh and everything is working fine.  I reset the router and setup per the instructions on my profile and still no luch.

Frustrated that this happened AFTER I renewed as now I have to use cloudflare to use my internet and paying for no services.

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  • Please provide a https://nextdns.io/diag

  • looks like it may be the NextDNS ipv6 network having issues for nextdns.  again, running cloudflare, google with DoH and ipv6 no timeouts or issues.  I setup AdGuard Home and used multiple TLS and DoH dns with ipv6 for the last couple of days as ND was just not working and it has been rock solid.  


  • Also, not 10minutes into using NextDNS and getting timeouts again!  This is my router freaking out about timeouts happenig, and next will come connection refusals.   Also, attached is the exact steps I used per the directions in my account for my Mikrotik router.  This HAS been working solid UNTIL I renewed and now everything is horrid with ONLY NextDNS at the helm.   I also formatted the router to factory to take that out of the equation.

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