NextDNS and iCloud private relay

Before nextdns would block with private relay enabled, after upgrading to IOS 15.4 and Monterey 12.3 I noticed it does not any more. Anyone else notice this?

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  • It happens to me as well. Currently, I have just disabled the Private Relay since I value blocking  tracking much more rather than the Private Relay features...

  • It appears the config profile for macOS Monterey 12.3 does not work anymore. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it. But under network it just stays as inactive and will change to running 

  • NextDNS support  any insight?

  • As for now I just removed the Mac profile and IOS profiles. Seemed to be causing browsing issues on IOS devices. Where on MacOS the service would not run anymore on 2 different Macs. Reinstalled Profiles, deleted my config on NextDNS and started new. Not sure if Private Relay changed or NextDNS. I seen comments awhile back they were working with apple, but since then no news. 

  • I’m running an upcoming version of MacOS (and iOS) to be released later.  I’ve turned private relay off. I checked last night after upgrading my operating systems to see if NextDNS worked and showed the green light that it was configured. 
    It is my understanding that while Private Rely is On then will handle Apple’s DNS duties for their OS’s. 

    • Jason-Matthew  if you have private relay disabled everything should work. But before when you had private relay enabled the system seemed to do a double check, I still can see the items in the logs but not being blocked. Also with no replies from nextdns on the issues or any previous private relay posts I’m assuming apple has quit working with them on a fix. Also there are more partners than just cloudfare ( involved in private relay I believe. Fastly and Akamai are the other two I think.

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  • running fastest MacOS and never seen issue with NextDNS and Private relay.

    How do I know if both are running ?

    I see 'This device is currently using ”iCloud Private Relay” as DNS resolver.' from NextDNS page.

    I am basically running NextDNS Cli from router and NextDNS app on Mac and of course  NextDNS Cli is not doing anything due to app running on MacOS. If I use private relay without App running on MacOS, it does not filter anything.

    I see Cloudflare as my private relay DNS server.

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      tidyadd1122 Can you elaborate on where you see "'This device is currently using 'iCloud Private Relay' as DNS resolver."?

      I've never seen this on the NextDNS Setup page from iPhone, iPad, or Mac despite using Private Relay on most devices. I just checked the settings again.

      Oddly, I found this discussion troubleshooting one iPad that seemed NOT to be making requests through my LAN's NextDNS CLI. When I turned off Private Relay, it's DNS requests started appearing in the logs. Meanwhile my other devices (several iPhones and Macs) have PR enabled and appear in NextDNS logs as expected.... ??

  • Weird, that some of the traffic gets blocked on private relay with NextDNS

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