nextDNS iOS sends wrong device name

iPhone is named, "Michael's iPhone" but Send Device Name in the nextDNS app says, "Sending your device name ("iPhone") lets you filter analytics and and logs by device."

Works great, unless there are two users with iPhones. :) 

Uninstalling the nextDNS app and reinstalling does not solve the problem. 

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  • iOS 16?

    New privacy feature from Apple...

  • Yes, 16.  Shortcuts can still get the device name.

    Is there no way to allow permissions?

    if not,, what about letting the user set it instead of getting it automatically? The added benefit is that user could distinguish between when device is using NextDNS cli and the mobile client  

  • You have to config an Apple mobile.config Profile and install Thema and the device will Send the correct Name. Works perfectly on my iPhone XR with ios16.


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    • Benjamin Urner Thanks. That does work! 

      1. instructions (or a link) should be included in the iOS app so users know about it. 
      2. I still think it would be much easier to have a text field where users could simply set the device name that would be sent (assuming that is technically possible) 
    • Michael Bierman under iOS Menu make the nextdns Root Profile to Full Trust so that will works correctly systemwide.


      yor Pointe 1 and 2 you send directly to nextdns Supportes.


      now when you have install that config mobile Profile you can now deinstall the nextdns App because you Never need this Right now because the Profile Uwe the iOS internal encrypdet DNS Feature.

  • Xcode 14 has been released for ios16

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