I'm trying to setup NextDNS on my son's desktop without installing the windows app since he can remove it. I've setup the DNS servers on his IPv4 but when I refresh the setup page on my.nextdns.io I see the below any idea? I have different configurations (all linked IP; green check marked) for few desktop/laptops but all in the same ISP IP address.

This device is not using NextDNS.

This device is currently using ”AS-CHOOPA” as DNS resolver.

and another desktop below

This device is using NextDNS with no configuration.

Make sure you use the DNS-over-HTTPS endpoint shown below.

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  • Same problem.  I am working through my first setup and changes my DNS from OpenDNS to NextDNS and now it is saying AS-CHOOPA.  Curious.

  • I don't use the NextDNS official app because it stops working from time to time.

    You can see that exactly down the NextDNS app for Windows, there is a YogaDNS alternative. I recommend you to use that instead. The setup is really simple, uninstall the NextDNS app and install YogaDNS, then copy your account ID and that's it.

    Download link for Windows: https://yogadns.com/download/YogaDNSSetup.exe

    Official documentation for NextDNS: https://yogadns.com/docs/nextdns

    • Der Auslander Also don't let your browser rely on Windows for DNS queries, you can set up encrypted DNS (DoH) also in most major browsers.

    • Der Auslander I am trying to implement DNS at a more central location, router, DHCP server, etc.  Needing to manipulate each piece of equipment, manage software and then lock it down is ... irritating and lower on the to-do list.  I want this to work for all devices on the network.

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