NextDNS No Longer Logging Properly

I'm extremely incompetent when it comes to all things technology, but I wanted to use NextDNS instead of the DNS my IPS offers. I was particularly interested in protecting myself from malicious websites and having access to a log of my DNS queries. Well, I set up NextDNS last night, and it was operating beautifully. It was successfully blocking websites and it was logging all DNS queries from all devices, identified and unidentified alike. This morning, I decided that I would go ahead and purchase a Pro plan so that I wouldn't have to worry about reaching the maximum number of DNS queries per month. I, a fool, then had a profound stroke of stupidity. First, I decided to keep messing with my router settings and eventually rendered it inoperable, forcing me to do a reset. Second, I thought it would be "easier" if I deleted my free account and started with a fresh one since I wanted to upgrade to the Pro plan and had just been forced to reset my router. As a result, NextDNS is no longer operating beautifully, and I know very well that it's my tomfoolery that's caused it all. Long story short, after spending all day in my MacBook Pro terminal, I've reconstructed the settings I originally had but with one major caveat: NextDNS is no longer logging all DNS queries. It logs only the ones from my MacBook and iPhone. Before, it was logging every DNS query, regardless of device or browser or whatever. So I clearly did something wrong because I know that NextDNS can log all queries; I just don't know how to get back to the setup I had before despite spending hours on this.


TL;DR A fool, I messed with a good thing. My NextDNS was working perfectly, I ruined it, and now I'm trying to fix what I broke with the little knowledge of technology I have. What would cause NextDNS to log only a fraction of DNS queries instead of all DNS queries?


Notes: My router is an Archer AX20. It's set at a Dynamic IP Address, and I have a NO-IP account to track whenever my IP Address changes. My NO-IP account is connected to both my router and my NextDNS account. Within the router, I have set the primary and secondary DNS to the ones given to me in NextDNS' Setup tab. My router's firmware is up to date. The NextDNS app refuses to open on my MacBook Pro, but I have the app on my iPhone. And NextDNS is logging some activity from my laptop and phone, but it is logging no DNS queries from any other devices, most of which are unidentified. I'd like for all DNS queries to be logged regardless of device or browser. Somehow, I restricted the log to just two devices. I'd deeply appreciate any pointers from someone more knowledgeable than I am about the wonders of technology.

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    I’m having the same issue!

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    Even though the original post is 7 months old , hopefully my comment can offer a little clarification. In the event that you don't have NextDNS set up on your home router, often your ISP will manage DNS resolution. 

    The MacOS app is unreliable (in my opinion). You're better off setting up NextDNS in System Settings > Network > Filters & Proxies. This will filter all your system's DNS traffic. 

    Your router works at a higher level within your household. It manages all inbound/outbound internet queries from your home devices (e.g. any device connected to wifi like TVs, other phones etc). This means that if NextDNS on your router is configured improperly, it is likely your ISP is managing the DNS resolution which means those queries won't appear in your NextDNS logs.

    I can't help your further with solving the issue(s) you may have with your router. But if you manage to configure the settings on your router, it (should) solve your overall problem.

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