NextDNS... It almost goes too far! How about a 'coupled with favourite sites' list?

I'm astonished at how fast browser pages now load, even on old devices since I started with NextDNS. 2 things stick out so far:

- There are of course sites where all advertising not self hosted by the site is now gone. But it's making me feel a bit disloyal with my favourite quality sites whose funding only comes through advertising.

- I didn't realise how lazy I've been when researching products. Always clicking on the 'By Google > (name of retailer) pane at the top if it's an item and retailer I already know of, while ignoring all the fake referral sites. These quick links now don't work without manual tweaking of the Allow List.

I know I could manually build a list, that might have to include Doubleclick's domain, that would eventually allow those quick clicks to work. 

Nice to have would be a convenient way to add lists that couple with favourite sites e.g.  The Register,  a decent free online newspaper, Reddit... Just by adding the originating domains to a 'I sponsor these sites/resources' list. I'd be hoping that having added referrer lists for some respectable sites, the dross referrers/scrapers would still be left out in the cold.

I'd be interested to hear if others experience the above conundrum and how they handled it with NextDNS.

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    • Martheen
    • 2 wk ago
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    Allowing advert on specific sites can't work since NextDNS doesn't see the context of where the ad domain request comes from. You'll need browser extension to selectively allow/block ads by the sites.

    • N_R
    • 2 wk ago
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    Using an android tablet with Chrome mostly. This about displaying ads and also about non-functioning links that have to pass through an ad server like Google's own one or Doubleclick. So what you're saying is that off-site hosted ads are too dynamic so their IP addresses can't be stored meaningfully in an Allowed List. 

    The major ad servers on the other hand are relatively few in number though there could be a dozen of them so it would be nice to have a list that adds in one click: 'Major, acceptable ad servers'. That would add a list of the usual suspects that could be manually pruned of needed.

    So far adding 'googleadservices.com' to the Allow List at least means I'm able to click through from 'By Google' ads to retailers without certificate errors, others however that also seem to want to go through Doubleclick won't display the final page, throwing a confusing dialogue about Advanced Mode, click link to see page anyway, and that link is dead.

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