Routing Issue when using Mobile LTE - Optus in Melbourne, Australia

I seem to have routing issue when im using mobile LTE via optus. Im using nextdns app with Ultra Low Latency enable. As you can see in the picture, using ping.nextdns.io, it seems I am not connected to any of the server. But when i do test.nextdns.io, i am connected to gsl-mel which is not ultra low. Been happening for three days now.

I can’t run diag on mobile..

also why is anycast2 in anexia-ams or sometimes in lax? Sometimes it goes there and my mobile internet is extremely slow. I believe all my connections regardless of its ultra low or anycast should be in the Oceania / Australian region.

note that this does not happen when im connected to my wifi which is Superloop - my isp. It only happens when i’m connected to LTE which is optus.

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  • I guess this question and issue is dead now as no one seems to be checking this routing issue from nextdns team,

    I really think that you guys need to up your support. I am willing to pay extra for the proper support. Probably it’s time to upgrade your Pro subscription (i have this) to include support not just for business users.

    this kind of community support is not helpful and it sucks if the issue requires checking in the server.

    it would be ok, if im always at home, but the thing is i work out side and most of the time in LTE.

    my connections goes to LAX or AMS most of the time in mobile. using ping.nextdns.io, its not showing me where i am connected, i only came to know when i do the browserleak and the test.nextdns.io.

    Sometimes Its slow, sometimes i need to wait for the connection to kick in after i wake my mobile from sleep.

  • No one can assist. No one from staff wants to assist. 😏😏😏

    • Anownymous maybe start a new post because it’s unlikely anyone is looking at 5 month old post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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      Calvin Hobbes When there is any activity in any post no matter how old it is , it gets listed up at the very top in the "Active" tab , so when it still doesn't get any acknowledgement its safe to say that it is being ignored , the reason can't be an old post getting lost in the mix 

  • I was just about to post about this very exact issue and noticed this post . i too am facing this same issue whereby if i use LTE data in my android device , there is a routing issue and nextdns doesn't seem to connect to any of the servers in ping.nextdns.com leave alone connecting to the nearest one ( same as in your pic ) & just as you have mentioned , this doesn't seem to happen when i use nextdns on my home wifi , everything is fine there . i am not sure if i should even make a separate post considering your 5 months old post is yet to get any attention , this is really pathetic service . i hope things get better . In a rare case , if anyone from the staff happens to read this , i can share whatever else is needed to help fix this issue but atleast acknowledge this post in the first place


    Additional Info - 

    Android - Using Nextdns DOT through private dns

    Location - Mumbai ( India )

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