Great, www.googleadservices.com is not blocked anymore

Hi - since yesterday on my wifes iPhone, she is constantly getting the message in the title (screenshot attached). We've cleared her DNS on the phone, and it starts working fine and then eventually reverts back to this screen.

Haven't had any issues with this previously, and hadn't changed any of the settings within the nextdns configuration - so I'm not sure why this has suddenly started occurring (please note there is nothing in our "Allowlist", I've not added the domain there).

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I've searched the forum but not found anything other than someone with issues in their Allowlist.

Any advice would be great, as my wife finds it annoying and typically would rather disable the DNS altogether so she doesn't get this continually happening (and installing a VPN or anything on her device would be more hassle than it's worth). NextDNS is currently set up on our router for all devices, and it doesn't look like I can exclude a 'device' from the ruleset in nextdns.

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    • Adminu
    • 1 yr ago
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    I have a couple of questions,

    1) Do you want to block this URL?

    2) Is it in your deny list?

    3) Are you using any VPN?

    4) Under settings, under performance, is "Cache Boost" or "CNAME flattening" enabled?

    5) Do you want users to know when a page has been blocked by NextDNS? or would you rather retrieve blank pages on denied urls?

    • Dan_Ives
    • 1 yr ago
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    1. I haven't manually blocked any URLs, unless that URL is in one of the blocklists I use
    2. No, not in the deny list
    3. No VPN
    4. Cache Boost is enabled, CNAME Flattening is not
    5. I don't have "Enable Block Page" switched on

    • Max.6
    • 8 mths ago
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    Dealing with the exact same issue on my wife's IPhone.


    Any luck with this? 

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