2 not working

The secondary "" is working so i've removed the primary temporarily from my local configuration.


Looks like the server is responding to pings but just not responded to DNS requests.

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  • just to confirm,  is the primary.

  • Please provide a https://nextdns.io/diag

  • looks like that both servers are now responded to requests.

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  • I had this same issue over last 24 hours. DNS requests to were failing intermittently. I too removed it and added as the primary. I haven't swapped back as yet. Soon I will swap back and provide diag if it happens again.

    • Daniel Spindler thanks for confirming. took me about half an hour to originally diagnose this one. the servers looks fine now but i've left 30 as the primary as well.

      something that is bugging me though is the TLS url, which is configured on some of my devices for different profiles. it's obviously resolving to the primary only and so i have to manually update those devices for now.

  • Are you still having this issue? I seem to be having a similar issue with DNS requests to that server fail for around 10 - 60 minutes (may be less than 60, but I don't think more). I did a traceroute and it seemed like it wasn't making the final hop from po-30.lag.iad03.us.misaka.io []. It's so far happened every day this week, once or twice per day.

    • Justin Baker I'm getting pretty inconsistent results nowadays. The servers intermittently stop responding to requests.

      I'm resigned to using an alternative as the secondary, like quad9 or similar, for now to minimise my problems. But it doesn't have the control like nextdns gives me so I'm hoping for the best and something behind the scenes will be rectified - eventually.

  • I guess I spoke too soon. I changed our primary DNS server to the secondary one assigned by NextDNS, and now that is unreachable: https://nextdns.io/diag/a982ee00-f8b2-11ec-b440-3b824db026ed

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