Chrome DNS

There is an another way to change DNS using Chrome (by going to privacy and security settings)

Suppose i have setup DNS on my phone but also did setup using chrome's DNS then next DNS doesn't work on Chrome (don't know about other browsers) 

Please Fix this issue

I know it's going to take a lot of time till then could you suggest any steps to prevent this

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  • This is nothing NextDNS can fix. If you don't want to configure Chromium based browsers independently, you can use their app, which sends all DNS requests to NextDNS via a proxy, no matter what is configured in the browser.

  • Whose app 

    And Name the app

      • Shankara
      • Shankara
      • 9 days ago
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      DuKe NextDNS app.  I use the method recommended by NextDNS to use Private DNS.  The latter method sets up DNS-over-TLS, which you can verify in the log.

      • Shankara
      • Shankara
      • 9 days ago
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      DuKe  I have the Use Secure DNS setting in Chrome set to Off or Automatic.  I forgot which is the default, but either seem to work fine using NextDNS app, as @dynadz suggested to you, or Private DNS method.  I did try to set both settings at once:  the hostname for Private DNS and it's URL equivalent for Use Secure DNS:  that didn't work.

      • DuKe
      • DuKe
      • 9 days ago
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      Philip Schlemenson  if nextdns is connected from the settings but other dns is selected using chrome dns then both fights with one another and ultimately chrome dns works

  • What in the replies are true"just when private dns is not off"


    But nextdns have this issue for a long time.


    You can test this using this method:


    1. Install "intra" app.

    2. Set your nextdns DoH address in it and turn it on.


    3. Then set another DoH (another profile that you have created for your browser or maybe same profile that you have set in the intra app)


    Then chrome/Firefox/etc can't browse any other websites.


    Seems like nextdns banned using its dns on multiple levels (router > OS > browser)


    These options won't get in conflict with each other.


    Just private dns on Android 10+ will get in conflict with other dns that you will set in android because it will replace those. (Google internally did this (to maybe avoid dns leaks or such))


    But using nextdns on vpn (or something like intra) and then using it in browser because you have set up different settings for each one and created different profiles with different settings in you account for each usage (OS, Browser, Router, etc)


    This behavior won't get into any conflict.


    You can test it by changing one of the dns resolvers to any other public resolver that exist.


    But we don't want to do that.


    We want to get layered protection for each level of our usage and unfortunately nextdns have bug or intentionally blocked this (i can't understand why if they did this intentionally though)


    P.S: my similar issue in another bug report that i created today before i have seen this:



    • redditisfun Edit: by using the word "profile", i was mean configuration

  • I'm using the same Config on my router, as Private DNS and on Chrome, did this to test and everything is perfectly fine.

    The issue might be with that Android version by the manufacturer as some change things and lastly it could also be something to do with DoT being blocked in the case of Private DNS as it's simple to block by ISP/Firewalls.

    Wanted to let everyone know that on Android 12 it works perfectly fine on my end, but using my carrier that blocks DoT it doesn't function when Private DNS is on as stated by others.

    From what I've gathered they aren't blocking anyone from using it on multiple layers, either the ISP or Device/OS is doing something wrong to somehow break the chain.

    • Hey 


       i said intra because it uses DoH, not DoT.


      I also tested in vpn tunnel to be certain, i haven't used DoT for about two years maybe. (It was just an old example that had happened in those days also)


      But always when i had two DoH inside each other, the one in the browser didn't worked for me, be it on my isp, on vpn tunnel and etc.


      I should add that i don't have issue with normal plain dns in router + one level of DoH, but when i use one more DoH inside, it doesn't work.


      I don't know why but when i change dns resolver of vpn tunnel, intra or browser, it works fine.



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