More information in the Analytics page


I have two requests regarding the analytics page.

(1) Give us more information in the Analytics page,  more than 6 Resolved Domains, Blocked Domains etc. Have at Settings page a setting to setup how many domains we can see (e.g. 50) because the top 6 can not help identify issues in our network.

(2) I can choose to see all the info for each of the devices listed which is great but i can not select al the Unidentified devices requests only. So if i have a request coming hundreds of times i have to select to see all the other devices first in order to see if it was coming from the unidentified group. (The same should apply in the Logs page too).

Thank you.

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  • I posted something like this in the old forum software before they switched over. I really hope they implement something like this as right now the Analytics page is not terribly insightful.

  • Voting for this as well!

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  • Maybe as addition: The ability to filter the logs by block reason. Scrolling through thousands of requests searching for the domain that is blocked for a certain reason is not doable.

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    • Vincent van Duijnhoven definitely! That would be so great!

  • any update on this?

  • I love NextDNS but I have been asking for more than 6 domains on the Analytics page for a long time. Hope it arrives one day. Olivier said it was on the roadmap back in the intercom days around a year ago but who knows. 

  • Yeah, I hope they setup some nice drill-down so I can not just filter the analytics page by device, but show some reporting / grouping to compare devices, which domains are mostly blocked, etc.

    Also, some finer-grained time-filtering in Analytics (and Logs) plus some more powerful filtering in Logs (e.g. some parts of regex or something) would be awesome :)

    If not, some integration to other monitoring providers to send the log stream somewhere else (your own server, or some cloud service like Datadog, etc) would be nice.

  • I believe that our requests are not even looked up anymore. Their change log https://headwayapp.co/nextdns-changelog has its last entry 8 months ago. No new servers, no new additions, nothing basically.

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  • +1 for this!!! 

  • I totally agree.  On a busy network, I need to check at least the top 100 often, to ensure something isn't blocked by mistake.

  • I second this idea.

  • Will someone fron Nextdns provide an update on whether this will be implemented!!!!

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