I'm on Iphone 12 Pro, IOS 15, nextdns profile on ios - Nextdns Pro account

Since Ios15, When i swtch on my iphone to 4G from Wifi, no internet connection, I have to wait several minutes before the connection works in 4G !

If i turn off nextdns profile, no problem when i swithc to 4G from Wifi ....

An update please !

Greetings from France

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    and from time to time the internet connection is cut

    I have to restart the iphone or turn off and put the connection back to get the internet connection back. This does not happen when i disable nextdns

  • Hi, I’m having exactly the same issue with both my iPhone XR and my iPad Air, both have been upgraded to iOS 15. This is quite frustrating since I can’t use NextDNS on them without making my connection unreliable.

  • Hello ! 
    I have exactly the same problem. I can’t use NextDNS profile (creat with the application NextDNS)with my iPhone on iOS 15
    If I use, no internet connection… I don’t use the new beta Privacy Relay. 
    On my network information wifi, iOS say that my network blocked encrypted DNS… 

    need help pls :) 

    merci beaucoup ! 

  • try import new profile also have 12 pro max whit nextdns profile after upgrade to ios15 everything works great no need to reboot for internet.

    • Yair it doesn’t work either. What is failing is both the iOS app and the DNS profile. I always used the app and when I noticed this issue a friend suggested me to use the DNS profile instead, so I had to create one and it didn’t work either.

      At least for me is not 100% always not working, it’s quite random. Sometimes I keep NextDNS on and everything works just fine. Then it randomly stops working (usually when I open a new website on Safari but it also doesn’t work on Chrome).

      And I can confirm that Private Relay is unrelated because I tried to switch it off and I still had this problem.

  • Try with Ultra Low turned off in the app or when you generate the profile.

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    • Anownymous I’m going to give it a try thanks. But I’m not sure why this changed with iOS 15 and was working just fine with iOS 14

      • Anownymous
      • Anownymous
      • 2 mths ago
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      Andrea Grandi i have nextdns with my iphone and ipad both ios 15 and ipados15. I dont have any issues with ULL off. I have ULL off since it’s been an issue for me since the beginning. 

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    • Anownymous I can tell you that with UL turned off, I haven't had any problem yet (in the last 24 hours)

  • i haven't see ULL option on the profile page (apple.nextdns.io)

    where is ?


    • Fred B click on "Advanced". I think it's the option named:

      Bootstrap IPs
      Enable this setting if someone is actively trying to block NextDNS on your network. This may result in higher latency.
      • Fred B
      • Fred_B
      • 1 mth ago
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      Andrea Grandi 

      Many Thanks

      • Marcos
      • Marcos
      • 1 mth ago
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      Andrea Grandi Andrea Grandi hola, donde encuentro ésto, es que tengo ese problema con algunas redes wifi, te agradecería mucho.

      • Chris
      • Chris.6
      • 1 mth ago
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      Marcos Hola, puedes encontrar esta opción después de hacer clic en avanzado en la página de creación del perfil. A continuación, basta con activar la opción enmarcada (Bootstrap IP).

  • I have similar issues on my iPhone Xs running iOS 15.1.

    When using my Wi-Fi network at home combined with the NextDNS switch in the app version 2.0.1 enabled, I encounter regular disconnects from the Internet. As soon as I switch to mobile network (by disabling Wi-Fi on my phone), the Internet connection immediately works again.

    Above procedure repeats sooner or later once I enable Wi-Fi on my phone.

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