NextDNS issues with DoT on ASUS Merlin

Hello all,

Been having some issues for a while now when using the DoT functions natively supported in ASUS Merlin. Pages time out and often will sit with an "error not resolved" message for roughly 4-5 seconds before the page will refresh and load content.
(This happens with or without DNS Filter active; Model AX-88U)

I have done a complete reset of the router, and used the NextDNS CLI (which doesn't have errors, but resolves slower) but for whatever reason the NextDNS DoT implementation doesn't seem to like the ASUS Merlin firmware anymore, or there's a CDN issue with DoT for the Atlanta region.

I have since disabled any options within the Performance tab of the website, and still am having issues. To the point that many of the diagnostic services for NextDNS itself will not work or report well. Options on the router are minimal outside of factory defaults, with IPv6 and DoT setup being the only noteable changes.

My ISP is AT&T U-verse/Fiber.

I preferred the DoT implementation as hostnames from the CLI can flood the logs with various (blank) names, and the DoT doesn't have to be regularly updated.

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  • Ditto. I cannot keep NextDNS engaged as the DNS DoT provider longer than about 12 hours since hitting Merlin 386.2 with a manual DoT setup.    I have been using "stubby -l" to watch it step down the listing from NextDNS to QUAD9 and Cloudflare in about a 12 hour window.  Sometime in there, DNSMASQ will "go bonkers" and I have to reboot the router usually to fully recover.  Sometimes just restarting DNSMASQ will recover but most times when I check the stubby window it's had some failures and is well  into using the other DNS providers.  

    I've been fighting with this for weeks now on a brand new AX86U, total greenfielded from ground up.   Please keep in touch.  Stay safe, stay alive.

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