Is there a manner to tag IoT devices, printers etc?


About 70% of the traffic on my network falls under the

"Unidentified devices"

I have installed the NextDns software on laptop, desktop, phone etc where it is easy.
Is there a way to pierce the "Unidentified devices" bubble? 

Nest Camera, HP & Epson printers, Netatmo thermometers, etc.

Now given that they all get NATted by my router its hard to tell on the nextDns side.

Presumably, I would need a way for the router  to tag them for NextDNS?

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    • losnad
    • 3 yrs ago
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    "The NextDNS app is an obvious choice on mobile, but it is often missed that our software can also run on some routers to provide the best NextDNS experience to your entire network."

      • Bill_Bui
      • 3 yrs ago
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      losnad yes. 
      My devices like cell, laptop, desktop etc all have nextdns installed. 
      No problem. 

      I dont think I can install that on my Nest Camera, a printer etc etc.

      I have my router configured with the DNS entries, but I will look at how 
      what routers are compatible on a deeper scale. 

      • losnad
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Click on "our software" link, is about NextDNS CLI which you can install on your router. Click and read.

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